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Every year worldwide 500.000 to 1,2 million people commit suicide. The number of suicide attempts and suicidal behavior leading to selfharming is much greater.
In the Netherlands 1500 people die every year when they attempt suicide. Every day as many as 410.000 Dutch people think about committing suicide. And every year 94.000 Dutch people actually try to kill themselves.
Despite these high rates and the damage it does to those involved and to society, talking about suicide is still considered a taboo. Even though talking about it is so very important.

Who we are

113Online is an independent care provider subsidized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Ministerie van VWS). The foundation has been active since September 2009.
The organisation employs psychologists and psychiatrists and a large group of fully trained volunteers. They ensure that the help lines (via telephone and chat) are accessible day and night. 113Online has a close working relation with the Mental Health Institutes' crisis centres. Together these professionals are available 24 hours a day for crisis dialogue, treatment or referrals.

What we want

113Online's aim is to make suicide a subject that people can talk about and to guide people in how to help themselves and others. Our most important aim is to prevent suicide.
The foundation offers help, support and information to people with suicide ideation, for those who are in some way confronted with suicide and its effects, for surviving relatives and for other health care professionals.

What we offer

113Online offers various online services. These services are free of charge* and are offered with a guaranty of anonymity for the helpseeker and the safety which makes it possible to speak freely about this difficult subject.

We offer the following services:

  • Crisis chat (a direct opportunity to talk online to a trained volunteer)
  • Crisis telephone (a direct opportunity to talk to a trained volunteer by phone and if necessary to a professional)
  • Chat therapy (a maximum of 8 chat dialogues with a professional)
  • E-mail therapy (a maximum of 8 e- mail exchanges with a professional)
  • Forum (the chance to share your thoughts and ideas online with fellow sufferers)
  • Self-help course (follow an independent online course to reduce suicidal tendencies)
  • E-mail (ask a professional a brief question)
  • Consultation hours by telephone (the opportunity to pose a brief question to a professional lasting a maximum of ten minutes)
  • Self tests (questionnaires to fill in and to offer an indication of the severity of your troubles and symptoms (anxiety and depression test and a test which measures suicidal tendencies))

Information and training

We offer a training course for professionals who deal with people with suicide ideation on a daily basis in their work. The course focuses on training participants on how to approach and support suicidal clients.
Another part of our services includes the possibility of organizing an informative gathering for various ends like schools for example.


Do you have a question or are you interested in more information about us? Contact us.

*: The costs of the phone number is 5 cents per minute plus the costs of your mobile phone usage. In the case of the crisis number: some providers charge a lot for 0900-numbers using a prepaid card. 
People calling from outside The Netherlands are also charged for the costs to the border. Residents from Vlaanderen (Flanders) can also call 02 649 95 55.

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